Market dates as promised

September 16, 2009
spring swing top

Spring Swing Top

Here’s our upcoming market dates if you are keen to buy some new summer pieces!!!

Subiaco Craft Fair: Sunday 25th October

(tbc) Mathilda’s Market: Sunday 8th November

 Junior Upmarket: Sunday 15th November

 Perth Upmarket: Sunday 29th November

x Cessie


Market Update

September 7, 2009

Here are a few more pic to tease you!


Peasant Top

Just a little peak at what we have been up to.  There are loads more but trying to find the time to put them on the kids during daylight is a challenge in itself, so this is the best that we can do whilst adding the finishing touches.

We got our new swing tags/business cards today,  just in the nik of time!  We think they are soooo professional and make our clothes look pretty swanky. Pretty chuffed with them if I do say so.

Here is another top.  This fabric is so hippy and I love it.  I have to make sure that I put one aside for Tia, just so I can team it up with a pair of denim short and a pair of funky sandals.  We have only made 3 in this fabric.  I’m predicting that they will be a hot pick @ Perth Upmarket.


Can’t wait to show off the dresses we are trying to finish. Hopefully we will have them done in the next day or two.



Spring Dress Making

August 30, 2009
Blue Butterfly Party Dress

Blue Butterfly Party Dress

Here’s some rough (sorry) snaps of our new spring party dresses…..

These are a great slip on dress with tie-up straps – for every occasion – but especially for the little girl that never wants to wear pants!!

We are making these in a range of sweet and eccentric fabrics – so lots of choices for each little babushka!! 

Next week….we will have some skirts and some more frocks to show you!!

Love your comments as always – feel free to post



Kiwi Party Dress

Yellow Birds Party Dress


Not much blogging….but we are so busy!!!!

August 26, 2009

A huge sorry to all our readers firstly!!!!  The blog is kind of looking like we have taken a holiday. That’s actually far from the truth. We have been a little overwhelmed with what is a crazy schedule for the coming 3-4 months. We have about 5 markets before Xmas, we have  been working on the web sales site – which is oh so close, and we have been getting our new and beautiful PR work done (a huge thanks to Andrea at designandprgirl.)

So for the next couple of months – here’s where you can find us……and as always, we will start to upload some snaps of our new designs – yes we have been busy!!

Perth Upmarket: Sunday 13th September

Subiaco Craft Fair:  Sunday 25th October

(tbc) Mathilda’s Market: Sunday 8th November

Junior Upmarket: Sunday 15th November

Perth Upmarket: Sunday 29th November

What an exciting time!!!!

Little Babushkas Final Logo L.Res

xx Cessie


The name..

July 9, 2009

scarfsFrom time to time we are questioned about our name and are asked if we know the meaning of it!!  Yes we do… but what it means to us?

Well the word “Babushkas” not only sounds beautiful to me but takes me back my childhood in the fabulous 70’s.  I would  dream of having my own set of babushka dolls and clearly remember the sesame street animation. It started with the larger babushka, then the smaller one would “pop” out, then the next and so forth.  The symbolism  the of the Grandma, the mother and the daughter, is about “traditionalism”.  Practicing the skills taught to us by our mothers & passing them on through the generations.  Skills such as cooking, sewing, gardening, the basic fundamentals! It’s to ensure that our children understand how things become, how they are made and that not everything has to be brought from the shop!  So for us “Little Babushkas” seems natural!

Here is a couple of snaps of the scarfs that I have been going crazy with.  Cessie had been going great guns making matching pants…. all in time for the Mathildas Market next Sunday.

scarfs2Frankie xx


Some Spring Thinking….

June 30, 2009

Although we have another winter market coming up on the 19th July (Mathilda’s) – we are also getting ready for the next Perth Upmarket in September and of course it will have a spring flavour – so here’s what we are thinking (see our pics below)!! As always, we will be introducing some new styles too…so keep an eye out for our new posts!!!

Botanical Pop Halter DressSpring Halter DressSpring Leaves Halter DressSpring Strappy Dress


Thomas Hat

June 12, 2009

Thomas HatI made T this new hat – we call it the Thomas Hat – because he thinks he’s a train driver when  he wears it!! Very cute…might have to make the bill a little smaller next time though.

So the next Market is Mathilda’s at Belmont on the 19th July. We will be making a range of new pants in different fabrics – plus adding a couple of new designs to the range (skirts mainly).

Will post pics to wet the appetite in the coming weeks!!