About Little Babushka’s

FUNKY, FUN & JUST FOR THE LITTLE ONE…….Frankie & Cessie founded little babushka’s late in 2008. We knew the crafty itch had to be tamed – so now we don’t leave the sewing machine/kitchen unless its for one of the little-e’s!!!

Well…. that’s not entirely true. Frankie is a mum who manages to hold down a fulltime job – so the sewing machine isn’t always with her! Cessie juggles two kids,a part time job and shares the demands of starting up a business.

And now we are selling – yes Mathilda’s Market and Perth UpMarket, Madeit.com.au and we also do home parties – so contact us if you are interested!

It’s fun, there’s so much to do and we like turning our hand to new challenges (especially the creative kind)!!

Frankie & Cessie xx                          contact us: littlebabushkas@live.com

AND here’s just a little bit bout what makes us both tick …..


I love ….. my 2 boys & my little gecko,  i also couldnt live without the rest of my family.    gardening and growing vegetables,  cooking yummy wholesome food,  making stuff,  sunshine and lots of it.

I laugh when ….. i’m so frustrated that i’m about to cry.    my neck gets tickled

My friends think ….. i’m pretty laid back.   that i’m shocking at making calls.  that i really do care.

I’m naughty because …. i dont do bills – my poor husband does it all.  i love good food and lots of it.

I’d prefer to be …. on a picnic with a bunch of friends and family by a lake in the middle of summer.


I love ….. The thought of giving up my day job and being a full time mum!  I also love to dream, I’m a dreamer. I dream of moving to the country to be a modern day hippie.  I love my family and couldn’t live without them!

I laugh when ….. Tia plays “pretend”. I quietly chuckle so she can’t hear.

My friends think ….. that I don’t know how to use a telephone and that I frequently fall of the face of the earth! I have strong male tendencies in this department.

I’m naughty because …. I eat chocolate, drink red wine and don’t exercise.

I’d prefer to be …. mortgage free and planning family holiday overseas.



  1. I wish you great luck with your new business 🙂 I hope it takes off and flourishes.

  2. Your girls look so much like you two as kids it is scary!!

  3. Hi guys, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a message. I would love to add you to my lists to include in a feature and pop you on my blog roll. If you would like to email me a few pictures and a 125 x 125 banner that would be fantastic. I can then email you a reciprocal think and any other information I might need.


    • Thanks so much Jemma!!

  4. I really love your stuff- will definately be back for some winter pieces for my (nearly) 2yo DD.

    You guys rock! Are you based in Perth?


    • Thanks so much Natalie – always great to get awesome feedback from other crafters!!!! Yep we are based in Perth (with our heads in the clouds)

  5. Hi girls

    I love your clothes! Saw you at the Perth Upmarket last weekend, my sister bought a skirt. Do you do bigger sizes? My girls are now a size 8, but I just love you clothes and would love to buy some for them.


    • Thanks Jo – love your blog – we’ll link to it and ta for the lovely comments! Glad you like!!
      Re sizing – we only do up to size 5/6 because we had to stop somewhere…so sorry bout your girls!

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