The name..

July 9, 2009

scarfsFrom time to time we are questioned about our name and are asked if we know the meaning of it!!  Yes we do… but what it means to us?

Well the word “Babushkas” not only sounds beautiful to me but takes me back my childhood in the fabulous 70’s.  I would  dream of having my own set of babushka dolls and clearly remember the sesame street animation. It started with the larger babushka, then the smaller one would “pop” out, then the next and so forth.  The symbolism  the of the Grandma, the mother and the daughter, is about “traditionalism”.  Practicing the skills taught to us by our mothers & passing them on through the generations.  Skills such as cooking, sewing, gardening, the basic fundamentals! It’s to ensure that our children understand how things become, how they are made and that not everything has to be brought from the shop!  So for us “Little Babushkas” seems natural!

Here is a couple of snaps of the scarfs that I have been going crazy with.  Cessie had been going great guns making matching pants…. all in time for the Mathildas Market next Sunday.

scarfs2Frankie xx


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