Perth Upmarket

June 8, 2009

What a hoot!!  We felt so grateful to be a part of Perth Upmarket.  It really is the cream of Perth’s creative people.  The weather was perfect given that it is winter and the people of Perth were out in droves!  A big thanks to our blog followers who popped in to say hello and have a chat, our friends and family who made it a great day out.  Also thanks to our Best supporter Bec!! We love you Bocboc 😉

I was lucky enough to splurge out and buy Cessie a gorgeous pair of Annie Rawles earrings, my self a funky necklace from  Tamara Harrison …..  Mum her fav…. Marmalade from Ohlala.  Anne’s banana and coconut relish is awesome.  But best of all I feel like I scored big with my Pepper Pony bag, I just love it!

Here are some pics from our stall.  Not a great deal of them, as we were busy busy and thankfully didn’t get a lot of quiet spells.  This was our third market and it was exciting to apply previous lessons and pick up on some new learning’s.  Dividing the clothes into sizes helped shoppers. Wearing name badges was a no brainer yet it still took our 3rd market to think of it.  The lay out still needs some focus and maybe, just maybe we will get some time to set up our online shop that people are constantly asking for!  We will see how we go at Mathilda’s market in July!

Might I just add that I am so blessed to be sharing this experience with Cessie!  I certainly wouldn’t do it alone, thanx babe!

xx Frankie

babushkas scarfpantsnponcho




  1. hi!

    i bought a dress from your stall and i am so in love with it! its a lil big for my daughter but its much better than smaller!

    i was wondering if you do sales over the internet coz i was really interested in purchasing a pair of pants for my daughter but u ran out of sizes for that specific material. i am also thinking of buying a dress for a fren’s newborn and i am wondering whether u have a gallery for all ur works.

    lemme know?
    love ur designs!!!


    • Hi Shirin – tnxs for the lovely comments. We will be at Mathilda’s Market in Belmont on the 19th July and will have plenty of new stock – so come early and check out our new range of fabrics!! We plan to go online within the next few months for more sales….till then its just the markets. Hope to see you there!!!

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