Great Stock….

January 12, 2009

I have finally posted some pics (very bad ones) of the new accessories…..the clips and necklets are really cute. We Have done them in really funky bright colours.

Check these out.  The button is a necklet tied with ribbon…my girl is in love with it! I’m in love with the flower clips – so much work so much love – are we crazy??


If you’re keen to buy you could always contact us direct – but should we MADEIT them??


And here is a picture of  Charli – she is the little babushka whose mum was lucky to host the first of our home parties. Isn’t Charli a cutie – she makes our vintage halter dress look fab!  And she now has a few more Little Babushka dresses hanging in her wardrobe!

Check out madeit.com.au for our some of our current stock or see us in March at Mathilda’s Market!

Oh ps did i mention i now have a new overlocker….i pick up the little baby tomo

rrow – yip-yippee

xx Cessiemy girl



  1. Gorgeous tops!

    • Ta Kate!

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