Market Day @ Mathildas

November 20, 2008



Wow – what a great day we had! We are so thrilled to know that you love our stuff as much as we do – the response has been pretty overwhelming – so bare (?!) with us while we work out where to from here!

In fact the response has been so overwhelming that we are needing a sewer. Yes if you know of someone that is keen to earn some part time money and is ‘very good’ on the sewing machine, then get them to contact us via our blog/email.

And just in case we were too busy at the market to mention.  We are calling for pics of your “little Babushkas” dressed in your new frock, top or skirt.  We farewelled some to parts of the world such as Singapore, UK and Melbourne.  So getting these photos may take some time.  But if you get them in before the 10th of December you may get chosen for a free special Christmas Dress.  Remember to send through you details (email is fine) that way we can contact you to find out size and get the dress to you before Christmas.  We will be posting our favorites on the blog, so get snapping!

Final touches

Cessie is enjoying a well deserved holiday at the mo.  I am sure we will see a few family snaps or maybe more fabric purchases!! 

We will let you know what the plans are for Little Babushka’s and where you can find more of our “things” shortly and we have started booking home parties – so email us with your interest!  So…. stay tuned to our blog and remember to wash with love and care, gentle cycle for your wears!




  1. hi there i bought 1 of your lovely dresses and a couple of bags at the market.

    i am totally keen on having a party i live in huntingdale so if you are keen please let me know as i have friends who are waiting to find out how or where they can buy your dresses and bags.

    thanks mandy

    p.s and will send a photo of my little girl in the dress soon

  2. Congratulations on the success 🙂 Will email you about the sewing.

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