Retail Therapy with out the price tag!

October 24, 2008

Check these babies out!

Would you believe that they cost $22 in total. The wedges were $10 n the heels were $12. 

I skipped my lunch break today so I could leave work half an hour early, just so I could pop into the Salvos before  picking up Tia from Mums.  I love a bargin.  It’s guilt free shopping and I don’t have to tell fibs about the price I paid.  It’s the reverse actually, I rave about the price.   I also see it as supporting a charity and recycling.  These babies look like they have only had one wear and are made of leather.

I have been on a roll over the past few weeks.  I scored 3 pairs of designer label shoes for work for $15.  Tia picked up a “big girls” bike for Nannas house for 8 bucks, a “kids” suit case for her trips to Bunbury (to see Nanny & Poppy) for $10 and a fantastic collection of books for 50cent to $1.00 each.

I have checked a few “OP shops” out and have found that the Salvos and Sammys in Belmont seem to be good.  The stores a clean and don’t have that smell about them.  They are side by side so if you don’t find something in one you are bound to find something in the other.

Frankie xx


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