September 30, 2008

What a wonderful and full long weekend we had with family! Had to a great finger painting session. Of course we made the paint ourselves (1 cup of flour, a little cold water to mix to a paste and then slowly add the hot water to get the right consistency.

I added raspberry juice for colour!). Big tip though – wash it off the little-ones before it dries too much (fun in the bath lol!)


Got the new sewing machine…yee-hah! have had a heap of fun learning all over again what I did at school all those years ago. Look at these cute bag tags I managed to sew up (no Frankie they didn’t take me 10mins! x). Think I might do some in beautiful kiddy fabrics for daycare and kindy bags – what do you think??

Also had to throw in a picture of the cute strawberry skirt Frankie made up a couple of weeks ago. I was hanging up our dresses when my little girl walked in and saw the skirt. She squealed ‘strawberries’.

of course I had to put it on her and take a pic for you                           (sorry ’bout the amateur photo!!)

Off to visit Frankie and show her some of my sewing efforts!!!

x Cessie


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